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St. Polycarp
Saturday – 4:00 pm
Sunday – 10:30 am
Daily Mass – (Mon.-Sat.) – 8:30 am

St. Dennis, Galena MD
Sunday – 7:30 am
Sunday – 4:00 pm (Spanish)
Weekday Mass – Thursday & Friday 8:30 am

DE Home for the Chronically Ill (DHCI)
First Tuesday of the Month – 10:30 am

Second Friday of the Month 1:00 pm






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55 Ransom Lane,
Smyrna, Delaware 19977

Office number: (302) 653-8279
Email: office@saintpolycarp.org

Religious Education: (302)653-4101
Email: dre@saintpolycarp.org

Bring it Home


September 2017



September 3, 2017 – Green

We are reminded this week of the painful truth that as followers of Christ we all have a cross to bear. As Disciples of Christ we have a responsibility to Him, both in the good times and the bad. We are called to live for His glory full time, not just when it is convenient or easy. During times of distress how do you carry your cross? Do you carry it proudly with joy and hope in heart or do you leave it behind when times become tough? We should never forget the cross that Christ bore for us and should be thankful for the suffering that He endured for us. We should strive to proudly take up our cross and use it as a joyful reminder of all that Christ took on for our salvation


September 10, 2017 – Green

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Reflecting on this verse always provides me with reassurance and excitement. How often we forget this simple truth and act as if the Lord is only present during Mass. We, as the children of God, should never forget this truth. When you are home with you family and loved ones do you remember this truth? When coming together before meals, or praying before bed, remember that He is present. During times of distress do you turn to prayer, recognizing that He is there with you? This week as you go about your daily routine, be comforted by this fact and welcome Him in your midst.


September 17, 2017 – Green

Mercy and forgiveness is a central theme to Christ’s message and one He expands on in this week’s gospel. Christ not only reminds us of the Lord’s merciful nature in forgiving our sins, but also calls us to forgive others as well. We are reminded today of the importance of spreading this forgiveness to others. It can be hard to forgive our neighbors, especially if we find that we are forgiving them consistently for the same offense. Remember; however, that Christ holds us to a higher standard, a standard that we should be thankful He keeps. How often do you find yourself struggling with the same sin? When confessing, do you find that you continue to seek absolution from God for the same offenses? Most of us do, we tend to be tempted by the same sin time and time again. How thankful we are that our Lord graces us with forgiveness, over and over again. As models of Christ we should strive to spread this forgiveness on to others as well. This week as you reflect on this message pray for a loving heart, one full of forgiveness. Spread this forgiveness on to others, regardless of how many times they may need to seek it out from you.





September 24, 2017 – Green

This week, Jesus relays to us the parable of the workers in the vineyard. This parable emphasizes God’s grace and generosity. God loves all his children and does not want any of them to miss out on this love. He does not limit the time that one has to come to Him and does not give up on anyone, always leaving the opportunity for them to come to Him. What are you doing to show others this abundant love, and provide them an opportunity to experience it? When was the last time you invited someone to attend Mass with you? Even just inviting someone to lunch, or for a walk in the park, can give him or her an opportunity to experience God’s love through you.