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Marriage Moments & Parenting Pointers

The Office for Marriage and Family Life provides the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington (CDOW) parishes with Marriage Moments and Parenting Pointers promoting marital enrichment and parental support.

“Marriage and Family Life Corner”


Sunday May 20: Pentecost is a feast of fear, community, and bravery.  Have you ever feared for the safety of your beloved?  When?  What helps you keep your marriage vows?  Have you ever needed to defend your spouse to others?  Stand up for each other’s goodness.

Sunday May 27: Favor your beloved.  Call to mind a recent favor your spouse has done for you.  Think of a treat you can offer your beloved today.

Sunday June 3: No matter how much spouses love one another, there are bound to be times that we doubt.  We are human and crave reassurance that we are loved.  Offer that reassurance today.

Sunday June 10: Dare you share with your beloved a foolish thing you have done during your life?  More importantly, share one way that you see your beloved as wise (other than marrying you).

Sunday June 17: Summer officially begins June 21.  Traditionally this is a time of rest and vacations.  Have you planned a get-away for just the two of you?  Even if you cannot take a “real” vacation fantasize together about a dream vacation either at home or away.

Sunday June 24: Use the light to do something outdoors to renew your love in the early morning or late evening.



Sunday May 20: Pentecost refers to the 50 days after Easter.  It reminds us of fear, community, and bravery.  The apostles were afraid after Jesus left them.  They gathered together.  The Spirit filled them with courage to speak out.  Ask your family what helps them be brave?  Can anyone identify a recent courageous act?

Sunday May 27: Does your child know what the Trinity means?  How can God be 3 in 1?  Each of us is one person but we have different personalities, gifts, and jobs to do.  Which person of the Trinity do you relate to most?

Sunday June 3: Hopefully your family says a blessing before meals.  Good.  What we eat becomes part of our body.  As your family eats together this week be mindful that God is in each of you.  Together, we are the body of Christ.

Sunday June 10: Family matters, but perhaps our definition of “family” is too small.  Try to identify someone outside of your immediate family who did the will of God this past week.  Tell them you noticed.

Sunday June 17: Remember your own father on June 17, but also remember those children whose father is absent, unemployed, deployed in a foreign land, abusive, or in some other way not present.  Can you be like a father to someone who needs you?

Sunday June 24: Discipline does not mean punishment.  The purpose of discipline is to help your child learn to become responsible.  Allow your child to experience the consequences of their actions.