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St. Polycarp
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Reconciliation (Confessions) Saturdays – 2:30-3:30 pm 

St. Dennis, Galena MD
Sunday – 8:00 am
Sunday – 11:00 am (Spanish)
Weekday Mass – Thursday & Friday 8:30 am
Reconciliation (Confessions) Sundays 7:00- 7:30 am

DE Home for the Chronically Ill (DHCI)
First Tuesday of the Month – 10:30 am


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Bring it Home – December

December 3, 2017 

On December 25th we commemorate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. As we wait in anticipation of this day we should also be preparing for His arrival. This preparation goes beyond decorating a tree, and purchasing presents. We should also prepare our hearts. How are you preparing your heart for Jesus? We can become so focused on what we need we overlook the needs of others. Opening your heart to others helps prepare a place in our heart for Christ. Through the Advent season prepare a place for Christ in your heart by providing what you can for those in need.

 December 10, 2017 

This week’s message focuses on John the Baptist, an eccentric, and passionate man. He was an outsider, and many looked down on him. Despite John’s appearance, and the opinions of others, Jesus sought him out. How often do you avoid those that appear different than yourself? Do you avoid individuals that dress strangely or seem odd? Jesus has come for everyone, not just those who are popular, athletic, or intelligent. What can you do to help spread this truth and the truth that has been revealed to us through Christ? How can you be more inclusive and embrace others that are different than yourself? This week prayerfully consider these questions, and contemplate how you might be able to share the peace that Christ provides.

 December 17, 2017 

The message this week once again emphasizes the role of John the Baptist. John’s humility is one that we should strive to emulate. He recognized that the Lord has given him gifts and talents, but more importantly, that these gifts are for the honor and glory of the Lord. Do you utilize your gifts and talents to bring glory to yourself, or to the Lord? This week evaluate your skills, and the gifts that Christ has blessed you with. How are you utilizing them to bolster your faith, and bring glory to the Lord? There are numerous parish ministries that can benefit from your participation, join one, and watch how your gifts flourish in serving the one that provided them to you.

 December 24, 2017

This week, on the eve of Christmas, we are presented with the beautiful Gospel message that reminds us that, “The Lord is with you.” This message is central to our faith, and one that should bring us comfort. The Lord is with all of us, always and forever. Today’s message also reminds us to not be afraid. When Gabriel visited Mary it was to provide comfort and joy, a joy that is for the whole world. Tomorrow, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, reflect on this joy. Remember that Christmas is not just a day we receive presents, but it is a day that the world received Christ. Christ is the greatest gift that anyone can receive, and it is a gift that we should share with joy. Christmas day can be hectic, but remember to take a moment to reflect on its true meaning. Do not allow Christ to be taken out of Christmas, and take comfort in knowing that the Lord is with you always.

December 31, 2017 

Being raised in the traditions of the Church can sometime feel like an unnecessary burden and inconvenience. We are reminded today, however, that even Christ adhered to His parent’s traditions. Surely we cannot claim to know more than Christ. Our traditions are what strengthen our faith, and what brings us closer to the Lord. We should be thankful that individuals like our parents have prioritized our faith in order to pass on these traditions, and the truths that they reveal. This week take a moment to thank those that have helped to raise you in the faith. Say a prayer to thank God for placing them in your life and blessing you with their guidance.