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Marriage Moments & Parenting Pointers

The Office for Marriage and Family Life provides the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington (CDOW) parishes with Marriage Moments and Parenting Pointers promoting marital enrichment and parental support.

“Marriage and Family Life Corner”


Sunday October 6:  These days life can often feel like everything is falling apart.  Lean on your spouse for strength.  Rest in the arms of your beloved as a reminder of God’s love enveloping you both.

Sunday October 13:  Even the most loving couples can take each other for granted over time.  Counter this by a mindful greeting in the morning.  What is your custom?  Does it need refreshing?  Even if you are groggy or in a hurry, try pausing for 10 seconds and just gaze at each other.  Smile.  Remember.

Sunday October 20:  Counting and keeping track of all the past wrongs done you will not endear you to your beloved when looking for a mutually agreeable solution.  Do not dwell on the past.  Admit that each of you probably made mistakes and hurt each other.  Focus on the future.

Sunday October 27:  Whether you are young in age or nearing the probable end of your time on earth, review your lives together.  What have you worked hard to achieve?  What remains for you to do before the race is finished?

Sunday November 3:  Politics can be an area of conflict for some couples.  If not you, be grateful.  If it does apply to your marriage, try now to identify common values that unite your love.

Sunday November 10:  As certain as death is, are we ever really ready to die?  This may not be a happy conversation to have with one’s beloved, but periodically we should share what would help each of us to be ready.

Sunday November 17:  Sometimes ancient scriptures can sound like they are written today.  Do not despair but create a lifestyle together of sustainability and hope.

Sunday November 24:  As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, plan together how to share the chores of hosting, traveling, or being grateful guests.  Think ahead about how to ease potential family tensions.


Sunday October 6:  Which components speak most to your heart (abortion, care for the poor, health care, protection of immigrants, anti-death penalty, care for the earth…)?  Ask your child their priority.

Sunday October 13:  Are your kids “Ad Smart”?  Can they pick out how advertisers are trying to persuade them to want more stuff?  Play a game while watching or listening to ads.  Try to pick out how ads are trying to trick you to buy more.  Teach your kids not to be fooled.

Sunday October 20:  Ask each person in your family what they are most thankful for today.  Maybe make it part of your prayer before dinner.

Sunday October 27:  Halloween is coming up.  Your child might want a scary or elegant costume.  No problem.  But you might want to suggest the idea of “Who is your hero?”  Could you design a costume around a book character or an animal that makes our life a better place?  Think creatively.

Sunday November 3:  In these days of email, smart phones, and other electronic media, snail mail can be a lost art.  Consider sending your child a card stating something you appreciate about them.  Let them check the mailbox.  Suggest they pass this gesture on to another.

Sunday November 10: Whose job is it – to make a meal?  feed the pet?  clean up a room?  make peace when two people disagree?  Why not trade jobs in the family for a day.  Be creative or humorous.

Sunday November 17:  What does it mean to be a leader?  Does it mean you are important or get special privileges?  Talk with your child about how to be a humble but effective leader.  Can you name anyone who is?

Sunday November 24:  The day after Thanksgiving is often called “Black Friday” because many stores turn a profit during the Christmas shopping season. Instead of shopping, why not make this “Family Friday” when you all settle in for family game playing or a family hike.