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DE Home for the Chronically Ill (DHCI)
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Marriage Moments & Parenting Pointers

The Office for Marriage and Family Life provides the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington (CDOW) parishes with Marriage Moments and Parenting Pointers promoting marital enrichment and parental support.

“Marriage and Family Life Corner”


Sunday October 7: What does it mean to be a good life partner?  Certainly it includes sharing life’s tasks and supporting each other.  Talk about what it would feel like to live alone.  Name one thing you especially like about being married?

Sunday October 14: It is not good for anyone to be alone. In marriage you are blessed to have chosen a helpmate to share your spiritual journey toward home.  Make some time to be alone together today.

Sunday October 21: It is natural to want stuff – food, clothing, and shelter are necessities.  Fashionable clothes, eating out, and electronics are not evil.  How much is enough?  Decide at least one thing to give away today.

Sunday October 28: Do something unexpected for your beloved today that shows you appreciate them.  For example, place a love note in their briefcase or computer bag or take a selfie and send as a message.



Sunday October 7: During this Respect Life Month pick the life issue that you feel most strongly about (preventing abortion, supporting new mothers, helping those whose lives are mired in poverty, caring for the frail elderly, working for gun control, eliminating the death penalty, bullying…)  Tell your child why this is important to you.

Sunday October 14: Children make mistakes.  That is natural.  Of course you forgive them.  For example, they may promise to never drink and drive again.  Believe them.  But this does not mean you enable a teen by being blind to reality.  Forgive but verify.

Sunday October 21: All families have stories that they tell over and over.  One genre is the vacation-disaster story. These stories are important because they say this family can not only survive adversity but can laugh at it and keep on loving each other.  Tell a story.

Sunday October 28: When families work well, jobs are shared according to age, ability, and interest.  Just for fun, why not shake it up once in awhile.  Try trading jobs.  You just might learn something new.