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Marriage Moments & Parenting Pointers

The Office for Marriage and Family Life provides the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington (CDOW) parishes with Marriage Moments and Parenting Pointers promoting marital enrichment and parental support.

“Marriage and Family Life Corner”


Sunday August 4: Let us face it, all of us are vain to some extent.  We want to look good to others.  Perhaps one of the few people who will give us honest feedback about our faults is your spouse.  Share one weakness that you observe in your beloved today, but balance it with one thing that makes you proud of your beloved.  Humbly accept both.

Sunday August 11: It is easy to slip into the habit of grumbling to your spouse.  Although occasional venting can be cathartic, this week focus on putting away your grumbling self and balance it with renewed gratefulness.  It  will make both of you happier.

Sunday August 18: Natural or national disasters can bring out the best in humanity as we rally to help those in need.  A marriage crisis can also prompt a couple to sacrifice for each other or honestly deal with a recurring problem.  Do not wait for a disaster, however, to test your love.  Prevention is better.

Sunday August 25: Many marital arguments focus on “Who is right.”  It is natural to want to be right in an argument but it does not serve your love.  Even if you can fact check your position and prove you are right, it is better to come up with a “win/win” solution.  Practice looking for creative alternatives during your next argument.

Sunday September 1: It is human nature to want respect and to be thought well of.  But sometimes we humans unconsciously puff ourselves up or find ways to draw attention to our importance.  A loving spouse can give us honest feedback when we are sounding our own praise too strongly.

Sunday September 8: September 11 took most people by surprise (as did the recent shootings in Dayton and El Paso).  You do not know the time or the place you or your beloved will die.  Take advantage of the time you have today to show your love.

Sunday September 15: When we feel anxious about missing calls and annoyed that we would have to pay a lot of money to replace a phone, prayer usually puts it in perspective: “This is not a world problem.”  Be grateful for your spouse – your main trusty friend.  Besides, your spouse also has a cell phone for back up.

Sunday September 22: For a Fall activity, perhaps you can balance the summer activities by putting away summer equipment.  Balance this “work” with each sharing a favorite summer memory.

Sunday September 29: One way that couples develop closeness is to share their feelings (not just their opinions but also their emotions). Take one minute today to each share one positive or negative feeling.


Sunday August 4: Usually people do not lie because they are bad, evil people but rather because they are afraid or want to protect themselves.  Talk with your family about whether there is a time when a lie is acceptable?

Sunday August 11: Whether it is wet or dry, hot or cold, take advantage of whatever weather you have.  Do silly things like walk in the rain, make mud pies, build sand castles, bundle up in blankets…  Unusual experiences are memories that stick.

Sunday August 18: Parental discipline (or even self-discipline) is often unwelcome.  Talk with your child about the pros and cons of not always taking the easy, pleasant solution to a problem.  Share a time when you had to discipline yourself.

Sunday August 25: Have you ever been embarrassed?  Sure.  If your child is old enough, share your experiences.  Most parents brag about their child at some point but be cautious of too much bragging.

Sunday September 1: No matter the faults in your own family, remember to forgive.  It does not mean reparation is never needed, but let forgiveness be the foundation.

Sunday September 8: Most grandparents would appreciate a call or visit.  This could be an occasion to link up with history.  Ask a grandparent to tell stories, maybe even slightly embarrassing stories of how you were raised.

Sunday September 15: Look for one thing you appreciate about each person in your family today.  Share it. It is nice if it is not expected, and there are no rules.  For babies, a smile will do.

Sunday September 22: Wonder how to protect your child from being vulnerable to manipulation or abuse by bullies?  There is no magic vaccine but a child who knows they are unconditionally loved and respected by their parent(s) is inclined to accept their own worth and not depend on validation from others.

Sunday September 29: When things are not going well for you or your child (and there are plenty of days like this) try reversing your attitude.  Think of one thing that you are grateful for this day.  Ask your child to stretch to think of something too.