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Mass Schedule

St. Polycarp, Smyrna DE
(302) 653-8279
Saturday – 4:00 pm
Sunday – 10:30 am
Weekday Mass – 8:30 am, Tuesday & Wednesday
Confessions – Saturdays, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

St. Dennis, Galena MD
(410) 648-5145
Sunday – 8:00 am
Sunday – 11:00 am (Spanish)
Weekday Mass – 8:30 am, Thursday & Friday
Confessions – Sundays, 7:00-7:30 am


DE Home for the Chronically Ill (DHCI):
Communion Service – 3rd Tuesday at 10:30 am
Communion Service – 1st Wednesday at 1:15 pm

Parish Contact

55 Ransom Lane,
Smyrna, Delaware 19977

Parish Office : (302) 653-8279
Email: office@saintpolycarp.org

Religious Education: (302)653-4101
Email: dre@saintpolycarp.org

2022 Schedule – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday

FASTING AND ABSTINENCE: GOOD FRIDAY is an obligatory day of fasting and abstinence for Catholics.  The norms on fasting are obligatory from age 18 until age 59.  When fasting, a person is permitted to eat one full meal, as well as two smaller meals that together are not equal to a full meal.  The norms concerning abstinence from meat are binding upon members of the Latin (Roman) Catholic Church from age 14 onwards.       ~USCCB

STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Reminder, no Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.

Holy Thursday, April 14th 
Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper at St. Dennis Church, Galena, MD   7:00 pm
Live stream from St. Dennis Click Here
No Mass at St. Polycarp

Jesus celebrated the first Mass at the Last Supper. Our liturgy on Holy Thursday celebrates the Institution of the Eucharist and Priesthood.
On this day, we are reminded how Jesus washed the feet of the apostles as our priests wash the feet of others.

Good Friday, April 15th
Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion Service at St. Polycarp Church   3:00 pm
Live Stream from St. Polycarp CLICK HERE
No Service at St. Dennis

This is the only day of the year that Mass is not celebrated.
The service held on this day has three parts: Scripture readings including the Passion, Veneration of the Cross and Communion. Following the service, the Tabernacle is left open, the Sanctuary Lamp extinguished and the altar is stripped. The Holy Eucharist is carried to the Altar of Repose. All these actions indicate that Jesus has died. 

Easter Vigil, Saturday, April 16th
 Easter Vigil Mass at St. Polycarp Church   8:00 pm
(No 4pm Mass at St. Polycarp on April 16th)
Live Stream from St. Polycarp CLICK HERE
No Vigil Mass at St. Dennis

It is on this day that the Easter Vigil is celebrated.
It is during this Liturgy that catechumens are baptized and candidates are initiated into full communion with the Catholic Church
through the Sacraments of Eucharist / Confirmation.

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord, April 17th
Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord – Masses at St. Polycarp: 8:00 am and 10:00 am
Live stream at 8:00 am from St. Polycarp CLICK HERE
Masses at St. Dennis, Galena, MD  8:00 am, 9:30 am, and 11:00 am (Hispanic)

Easter is the greatest celebration in the Catholic church that marks the completion of the Holy week that ends with the resurrection of Jesus.
Jesus was raised from the dead, conquering sin and death.

LIVE-STREAMING: Visit https://www.youtube.com/c/StPolycarpSmyrnaDE for live stream: Good Friday Service at 3pm, the Easter Vigil at 8pm on Holy Saturday and the 8am Mass on Easter Sunday. Live streams may also be viewed at a later date/time. You can also reach our live stream by going to our web page www.saintpolycarp.org and clicking on the picture of the altar.

PARISH WEBSITE: Visit: www.saintpolycarp.org/.